WiseUp! Radio: BND-NSA 4 Christmas, Freitag 25.12.2020 19 Uhr

WiseUp! Radio: BND-NSA 4 Christmas

This mix was done live in front of the then just finished new BND Headquarters (Bundesnachrichtendienst= Germanys Federal Intelligence Service) in Berlin Mitte September 2015. After a demonstration for the protection of privacy, and an effective controlling and inspection of the BND.

I did a re-edit of the original 2 hours live mix for this ending/ begining corona-year since not much has changed in the past years, and if so – then for worse not for better. Rather this topic seems even more important in times of pandemic and lockdowns as most of us are online more than ever before and are asked to use corona-and other apps to stay safe and connected.

This is neither limited to Germany or the USA since it is a global issue and practice.

Featuring epic hits and cut-up fun of different genres and countries.


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